Market making can solve following problems


Exchanges forced to request certain volume on your token and delist your token permanently from its failure

Order book

Order book is one of the main factors in trader's decision on token purchase. Without the participation of marketmaker, the order book looks empty and have large time spacing between transactions. That would push trader away from the purchasing.


Without marketmaking work, spread on trading pairs can reach up to 10% that will negatively affect trading of your coin. We balance spread via marketmaking and trading bots, which positively influences trader's decision on token purchase. Or makes your token investment attractive.


It is one of the major analytical tools for trader. Coinmarketcap carefully considers decision-making on project accommodation. It is widely assumed that tokens, which are not supplied by coinmarketcap, acquire a status of the maximum risky investments. Most traders won't even consider purchasing of this token. Conditions for token listing on coinmarketcap: Availability of at least three exchanges from coinmarketcap list and daily amount should be no less than 100k$

Project appearing on the mid- and upper-level exchanges

Large exchanges are certainly demanding for the choice of projects, start conversing with them about listing will only be possible with a condition that token is available on coinmarketcap and present on entry-level exchanges.(with the exception of conducting IEO)

Token implementation on exchanges (liquidation)

Realization of the most part of tokens on the market isn't the most optimal solution for project and it can lead to disastrous consequences. Despite that, this request is one of the most popular among the projects.

Solutions and stages

We will make your token attractive to traders.

  • The number of tokens in the hands of investors, bounties, airdrops or other bonus programs, makes it possible to make a preliminary calculation and determine the further development direction of the coin.

  • Based on the data obtained during the analysis of the coin, a preliminary development direction is agreed with the customer and it depends on the current status of the project.

  • Over 3 years of operation, we have connected more than 50 exchanges. In most cases, the setup does not take more than 3 days, in the case of the integration of a new exchange, the customization will take no more than 10 days (if there is an api and documentation on the exchange)

  • Emulating natural trading, increasing volumes, creating liquidity, creating artificial figures for graphical analysis are fundamental steps for coin buildup. The result is: an attractive schedule for traders and bots working on the exchange.

  • Each community reaction to some form of market maker's actions is absolutely different. At this stage, it is important to set up a synergy between the actions of the project, the marketing team and the market maker. As a result, get real numbers for more detailed forecasting.

  • Based on the data obtained from behavioral factor consideration, we can begin creating a long-term strategy with detailed timing.

  • 01Project analysis
  • 02Creating an initial strategy
  • 03Bots integration and customization
  • 04Coin building up
  • 05Consideration of the behavioral factor of project community
  • 06Creating a detailed strategy

Our advantages

advantages of our company

Our experience

Experience with more than 50 exchanges

Trial period

Free trial period of 7 days

Manual correction

Manual correction by traders

24/7 support

Technical support for bots 24/7


Individual development of bots for the client’s strategy


The cost of services depends on the amount of community and starts from $ 2000

0% commission

Lack of commission on accounts for market-making on exchange partners


Recommendations from ongoing projects and more than 80 agents worldwide

(7 days of free trial period)

Our partners

Partnership with quality teams makes us even more stronger!

In three years of work we managed to gather more than 80 active agents all over the world

Thanks to our partners, we have achieved significant results and could take a leadership role in marketmaking services.

Thanks to them, we have entered the world market, discovered Korea, Japan, China, USA, Europe and other countries

We treat partnership conditions very carefully, creating the best agent work conditions. We are always open to resource trading and cooperative implementations of objectives.

(get an offer for agents)


The cost of services is calculated individually, depending on the number of people in the project’s community and the level of the exchange, and starts from 2000$. (This approach allows you to significantly reduce costs for projects and quickly reach self-sufficiency)


- Creating a strategy in accordance with customer’s tasks;

- Creating liquidity;

- Increasing in volume trading;

- Imitation of active trading in the order book;

- Spread alignment;

- Customization and integration of bots (bot volume and, if necessary, bot accumulator);

- 2 traders per exchange for all trading pairs 24/7;

- Technical support for bots;

- Reporting;

Bots rent for market-making
from 1000$

- Volume bot (description)

- Bot accumulator (description)

- Bots maintain more than 30 crypto currency exchanges

Individual development

- Program bots development for work at the exchanges of all levels in accordance with the customer requirements

- Technical task writing

- Development;

- Integration;

- Training.

from 2000$

- Selection of the exchange for the project;

- Disable commissions on MM;

- Free publications in social networks and media;

- Listing from 1 day;

- Price below official;

- Personal contact with the top management of exchanges;